Important Safety Tips for Somerset Residents

Keeping your family and yourself safe from harm is a top priority for us at Somerset Apartments. Better safe than sorry is a motto we try to stick to, and it goes a long way in our opinion. Apartment life carries with it specific safety issues that come up more frequently than others, and it’s important to be aware of them.

With that in mind, today we wanted to offer you a few useful safety tips that will keep you better protected and prepared for accidents, emergencies, and other situations that you might not expect:

  • Be alert and aware at all times, especially when entering your apartment. Criminals will target victims who look weak or distracted, such as someone entering their home with handfuls of groceries while talking on their cell phone
  • Overgrowth or dim lighting can help potential criminals hide from view, so if you see an area in need of attention report it
  • Inventory your possessions and keep records in a secure place like a fireproof safe
  • Although it costs a bit, having an unlisted phone number is a great way to keep safe and prevent solicitation calls

You can find out about other useful apartment safety tips by visiting this safety web site, as well. Remember to always stay safe out there and report any suspicious activity immediately!

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